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Founded in 2002, Alabos is an India based company providing the entire range of back-office services for organizations across the world, in an offshore outsourced model for their US operations. 

We also provide specialized services for Indian operations, and for clients seeking support for their UK operations we work with our UK based associate.

Since our inception we have serviced a wide range of industry which includes venture capital companies, manufacturing companies, retail business, medical lab services, product design, automobile service & showrooms, technology companies that ar software services industry covering operations such as  internet based search engine optimization, internet security, online education, industry & business networking websites, retail analytics, mobile application, advertising and job placements.   We also service leading BPO companies themselves, bridging their US knowledge gap.

The entire range of bookkeeping and accounting services aside, we can either support in-house compliance processes or be your Compliance Manager covering accounting, payroll and labour regulations in USA, India and (through our associates) in UK.

We have consistently met and exceeded our client expectations, and take big pride in stating that our clients have always been happy to provide excellent references to our prospective clients

We are happy to provide you here with all information that would be needed to make a preliminary evaluation of our services.  We trust you will find the information here useful and insightful.  We look forward to hearing from you, and would be happy to understand your requirements and provide a solution for your requirements! Please do get in touch with us to move forward!


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